Attention Couch Potatoes…

Here’s How You Can Go From Lazy Git To Fighting Fit
By Using The Training Secrets, Strategies and Skills
Of The World’s Premier Fighting Force

Former Royal Marines Commando and Personal Trainer Marc Kent reveals the secret training, nutrition, and mindset strategies that transform his clients from couch potato to fighting fit in just 12 weeks.

Dear Friend,

gerrardWhen Gerard Butler starred as King Leonidas in the movie 300 women around the world swooned and guys everywhere searched the internet looking for the training secrets to chisel that that incredible Spartan physique.

It seems that all that lean, hard muscle and toned abs really caught the attention of both men and women alike. Women wanted to be with men just like that and the men want to be that guy. For whatever the reason, after that move the warrior-look was IN.

But as a Spartan King, Leonidas needed a hell of a lot more than just flashy muscle. He needed to lead his warriors and defend Sparta against the invading Persians so they needed to be strong, supple and agile as well as possessing of great endurance and stamina too. In other words, they needed to be battle-fit and ready for anything that came against them.

In 430BC there would have been no fancy gym equipment, therefore warriors would have trained by using their bodies and minimal equipment, pushing, pulling, lifting and lowering themselves in every way they could think of to ensure that no physical task was beyond their reach.

This is an approach that the fighting men of every elite military unit around the world has employed with great effect even up to modern times and none more so than Britain’s Elite Fighting Force, The Royal Marines Commando’s.

marinesThe Royal Marines have been one of the World’s leading fighting units for over 340 years since their formation in 1664. They are also the United Kingdom’s specialists in amphibious and Arctic warfare. And a core component of the country’s Rapid Deployment Force.

Britain’s elite Commando’s are highly respected throughout the world and their training methods regarded as second to none. To become a Royal Marines Commando recruits have to pass the longest, most arduous and physically challenging basic military training program of any of the NATO combat troops.

As a former Royal Marines Commando with over 7 years of service it was a natural step for me to become a personal trainer when I left the military.

When I set up my personal training business I imagined working with motivated, committed and highly fit individuals who simply needed someone to nudge them in the right direction and keep them on track with their health and fitness goals.

What I quickly found out was that few of these descriptions applied to most of the men I was training, most of whom were uninspired by fitness and considered getting up from the couch to walk to the kitchen their toughest challenge of the day.

What a rude awakening that was, I can tell you!

Not to be defeated by circumstances (a Commando never quits), I realized that I’d needed to take drastic action to counter the negative effects of the lifestyles that many of my clients were leading and set out building a system of training that was based upon my own experiences of making the transition from recruit to commando in the world’s premier fighting unit.

When it was done I called it ‘The Commando Fitness Blueprint’ and, I’ve gotta tell you, I’m really proud not only of the program itself but of the amazing results it produces time and again among my clients.

The entire Commando Fitness Blueprint is based on body-weight only training and can be completed in the comfort of your own home in as little a space as you need to lie down.

Training elite fighting forces has moved on a fair bit since Leonidas trained his 300 but Commando fighting forces of today still primarily use body weight training to sculpt their bodies into the lean

Marc Kent, Personal Trainer and former Royal Marines CommandoCommando Fitness Blueprint is based on actual programs former Royal Marines Commando Marc Kent Uses right now to sculpt his personal training and boot camp clients into amazing shape.

“Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on the very same training methods that can be done anywhere, anytime to finally banish the belly fat and get you the body that women desire.”

The COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint contains a 102 page manual that guides you step by step from lazy git to fighting fit. And reveals my top secret COMMANDO principles that have my clients regularly losing up to 49lbs in 12 weeks.

11 page chapter on mind-set: which will help you get you head in the right place. Having the right mind-set is key to transforming your body and building that lean warrior look.

9 page chapter explaining why poor posture could be holding you back from achieving your weight loss and cause you injury. With a step by step stretching program to help return your muscles to proper position.

A 22 page nutrition guide, outlining everything you need to eat as part of a successful fat loss program and what foods you absolutely remove from your nutrition program if you want to look, feel and perform better.

A 12 week bodyweight training program that do any time, anywhere with no equipment to sculpt and lean, strong athletic body, with a 4 week bonus workout for absolute beginners brining the total up to 16 weeks of workouts to transform even the most laziest couch potato.

Over 100  of photos detailing the exact exercises you will be doing throughout the program to ensure that you get the best results in the quickest time possible.

Video demonstrations of all the workouts, including mobility and regeneration exercises.

A complete 7-day meal plan including recipes so you know what to eat and when, taking the guess work out of your nutrition.

R & R & R and why it’s so important to your fat loss progress. Including an x exercise foam rolling routine to speed up your recovery.

Secrets on how to get a better quality sleep, to enhance your bodies ability to recover from the workouts.

Strategies for dealing with negative influences so that you don’t get distracted from you mission.

A step by step action plan of what you need to do on your training days so that you get the most out of your training.

There’s a reason why women are obsessed with those firefighter calendars. Real-life action heroes have to stay fit to stay safe on the job, with the benefit of their high-intensity training methods which keep them lean and toned.”

Who Else Wants To Learn The Training And Conditioning

Secrets Of A Real Life Royal Marines Commando?

You see I’ve been in the trenches with life action heroes and been pushed to the absolute limits of human endurance and I’ve taken these very same principles and built them into the COMMANDO Training Principles that you will learn in this program. I’ve done this so you don’t have to.

When you start using the Commando Fitness Blueprint you will develop a warrior mindset that will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

300 movieThe Commando Fitness Blueprint is based on simple, sound and scientific principles that will get any man from couch potato to fighting fit in just 12 short weeks.

During your training you will learn and master the C.O.M.M.A.N.D.O. Principles™, which will help you to transform you life.

The following COMMANDO principles will guide you through your training and the rest of your life. Created by Marc himself to bring about the fastest possible results in the safest possible manner by working on the indisputable truths of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle:

COURAGE: It takes courage to change you life and start out on a new fitness program. You will learn little known secrets of how your mindset affects everything you do and the strategies you can take to ensure your success even if you have failed in the past.

OPTIMAL ALIGNMENT: You will learn the secrets of how poor posture can be holding you back from achieving your fitness and fat loss goals and may well set you yp for injury. You will learn a simple stretching protocol that will accelerate you results

MOBILITY: Being stiff and immobile is like going into a fight with one arm tied behind your back. Find out how stiff joints could well be causing your nervous system to shut your muscles just when you need them the most. You will learn a simple mobility warm up that will free you from the chains that could be compromising your fat loss.

MUSCLE: Muscle is the key to rapid body transformation, and is the power house of your body. You will learn that building muscle will rev up your metabolism and secrets training stretegies that can melt the fat off you in as little a 20 minutes a per day.

ATTITUDE: Attitude is everything! Having the right mindset can be the be the difference between winning and losing. You will learn simple tricks that will help you stick to the program when the going gets tough.

NUTRITION: As the saying goes, an Army marches on it’s stomach and to fight the war on belly fat without the correct nutritional strategies is akin to going into war without any ammunition. Simply put, you cannot out train a bad diet. This program will teach you what you can eat and exactly what you shouldn’t eat if you want to transform your body in record time.

DOWN TIME: Rest, recovery and regeneration are the forgotten allies in the fight for fat loss. You will learn strategies on how to optimize your fat loss including the supplements you must take to win the battle of the bulge.

OPTIMUM HYDRATION: Proper hydration is fundamental to our survival. Without enough water we will die in a matter of days. Most fat loss programs pay lip service to how much water you really need. In the COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint I outline exactly how much water you really need as well as why too little could be holding you fat loss results back.

As you can see, the COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint is more than just a workout program, it is a complete system that covers all the bases and leaves no stone turned to get you the fat loss results that you want.


Say Goodbye To Long Boring Fitness Programs — The COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint Is Designed To Burn Fat & Build Lean Toned Muscle In As Little As 30-40 Minutes Per Day

During my time in the Marines I was pushed to my absolute limits over the 32 weeks of intense training that molds and shapes todays elite Commandos.

Once I’d left the forces I immediately set about incorporating these techniques into my business with amazing results. Clients would regularly lose up to 49lbs in 12 shorts weeks by following my COMMANDO Principles training & nutrition protocols.

And for the first time you can get access to the exact same advanced health and fitness and nutrition strategies that I use with my personal training and boot camp clients.

kings squadWhat guy wouldn’t want to learn the training methods that whip civvies from raw recruits into the world’s elite Commando fighting force?

When you are at crisis point, on the verge of giving up on everything you need a physical training program designed to build strength, mobility, flexibility while at the same time unleashing your fat burning potential.

You will be using your body as your weapon in the fight against the flab using techniques designed to whip even the laziest couch potato into a real life action hero.

No doubt about it, you WILL be pushed to your absolute limits by the end of the program but you’ll build up at a rate that you can handle (even though it’ll stretch you a bit) and even come to enjoy it as while you’re getting there.

We’ll be using a ton of unconventional exercises that most personal trainers haven’t even heard of let alone used with their own clients, intense conditioning protocols that build, strength, flexibility and the body of a modern day Commando.

All your workouts will use 3 dimensional conditioning exercises that will accelerate your performance while ensuring that you hit your muscles from every conceivable angle with fast paced bodyweight circuits that are done for repeated bursts of short duration, with fast recovery—serious workouts for serious results for men who aren’t afraid to push their body to the limits and which others call impossible.

The COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint uses specific rotational training protocols that are built in to prevent injury and ensure rapid recovery.

What this means is that you will stick to your training program over the long haul so you don’t slip back into your old ways. A real life COMMANDO must be ready at all times because you never know what life will throw at you.

It Will Work For You—But It’s NOT For Everyone

I’ve designed this step by step blueprint that removes all the guesswork from getting into great shape and staying that way for good and If after 12 weeks your friends aren’t accusing you of sneaking out at night to train with your own personal trainer because of the results you are getting then I’ll give you every single penny back that you paid for the product.

I’m so confident that this this program WILL work for you—but you might not be ready for it yet. It will take courage and determination to get out of your comfort zone and to push yourself beyond limits that you currently believe are possible.

If you have the strength of mind to complete the COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint, you will succeed—and you will love the results.

The COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint is designed for you, even if you think you are …

Too old
Too young
Too fat
Too weak
Too out of shape
just a keyboard warrior

In fact NONE of these things should stand in the way of a real life Commando. In fact, if you see yourself as someone on this list, then you’ve just found your single biggest reason why you should be using the COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint.

Stop Wasting Your Time & Hard Earned Money On Outdated, Ineffective Training Programs, And Try The Proven COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint Today

Look If this all sounds a little bit far-fetched and like you’re having a sales-number done on you then think again. I truly believe that if you commit to the principles I share with you in the COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint you will get the life changing fitness results you are looking for.

Let me get straight to the point, whether or not you put the COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint into action in your life, the next 12 weeks are going to pass anyway.

You know that and right here on this page you have two options:

Red Pill Blue Pill xYou can take the blue pill, hit the back button on your browser and return to the life you have now.


You can take the red pill, and take a massive step towards creating the lean powerful physique that you want.

I know which I would take, but hey I’m biased in this : )

I do want to make choosing easier for you though.
In fact, I'm going to make it VERY easy for you:
Here’s what I’m going to give you:
A 12 week High-Intensity Fat-Burning Fitness Program: each mission in the COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint can be completed in less than 40 minutes, and those 40 minutes will melt fat from your body faster than any of those cardio based fitness programs.
 A Complete Nutritional Program that will support your training, strip fat from your body faster than anything you have tried before without starving yourself.
 A Bullet Proof Regeneration Program that will unleash the shackles of your body and ensure that you remain fighting fit for a lifetime
Functional Muscle: The training programs you will use will build functional muscle that will carry over into real life situations so that you build GO MUSCLE not SHOW MUSCLE.
Whether you dream of becoming an Elite Commando or you just want that elite Commando looks then the COMMANDO Fitness Blueprint could be exactly the program you are looking for.
So which pill are you going to chose?


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